DS Tick-Tock Clock - 1:44.209 - J?cob? (Mario Kart 8 World Record)

36.486 - 34.327 - 33.396Morton Mach 8 / Cyber Slick / Gold Glider• • • » Mario Kart 8 World Records website: ______________________________Coins: 10-0-0Mushrooms: 1-1-1Date: November 1st 20140.018 improvement over previous WR: 1:44.227 by the same player ( J?cob? ) on October 24th 2014 (lasted 8 days) ______________________________Playlist with all DS Tick-Tock Clock WR videos: Chronology of DS Tick-Tock Clock World Records: display.php?trac...______________________________» Submit your times to the MK8 Players' Page: » Discuss MK8 time trials on the Players' Page forum: » Play with the competitive community on MKBoards: Recorded by mindscarp

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