Have Mercy - Two Years

Have Mercy's new album 'A Place Of Our Own' is out now on Hopeless Records!?Get it on iTunes: '?Vinyl other merchandise available at —Lyrics:Two years now and I'm alone again.Close your eyes and count to ten and tell me, How the hell you've been?"I'll be okay: I promise and I swear.”As they open up I ask abruptly, “When? and Why? and Where?”I found the shoulder,I found the closest one.Confessed my fears and that it's done.I can't stare at the ceiling anymore.As the story goes, we always know that when it rains it pours…I had a life and I had friends.I miss all of them.I stare at the picture on my sill from Opening Day, the times that were a thrill…Coughing heavy from the habit I should've quit.I wonder if I did if it would've helped a little bit.I paced the places and the hallways where we'd meethoping one day you'd come my way and sweep me off my feet.—Follow Have Mercy on Twitter: @HaveMercyMDLike Have Mercy on Facebook: Follow Have Mercy on Instagram: Subscribe for more great videos from Hopeless Records: Follow Hopeless Records on Twitter: @HopelessRecords

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