PREVIEW - Huntress - Spell Eater | Napalm Records

ORDER NOW -- HUNTRESS "Spell Eater" Exclusive editions: Limited DIGIBOOK w/ BONUS Track & Poster!Limited GATEFOLD VINYL in DARK PURPLE, ORANGE & BLACK!As well as "HUNTRESS" Merchandise!The Birth Of A Heavy Metal Legend ! First Orders will receive a FREE EXCLUSIVE A2 JILL JANUS Poster incl. Printed Signature The heavy metal formation from California is undoubtedly the undisputed newcomer of 2012. HUNTRESS has already caused a frenzied commotion within the scene with the release of their first single. The force and power behind the track, taken from their upcoming debut "Spell Eater", proves that the band more than deserves the attention they now enjoy. Leading lady and warrior princess Jill Janus and the rest of the crew have created a musical concoction of occult science and archaic sorcery, which finds its roots in classic heavy metal. Thundering drums, heavy riffs, spectral solos, and catchy choruses are the basis of HUNTRESS' sound, which is majestically crowned by Jill's impressive vocals. The debut album's outstanding tracks will most certainly secure "Spell Eater" a place among the epic and timeless heavy metal albums. Add to it Vance Kelly's (DOWN, THE SWORD) both enchanting and commanding illustrations and you have a clear winner.

Написал: mike 30 июня 2015 00:52

Написал: durotan1 5 июля 2015 05:08
great !

Написал: aleks 12 июля 2015 17:47

Написал: ibheadca 29 июля 2015 00:37
Jill Janus really has this King Diamond feel to her voice. I have to say I'm really diggin it. Can't wait for this album to come out.

Написал: guitargu 10 августа 2015 22:10
napalm how do we order the LTD of the new album in the States?

Написал: guitargu 19 августа 2015 10:45
her vocals are off the chart! her rougher vocals remind me of Wendy O Williams! The band s bad ass live can't wait to see them back in Baltimore.

Написал: radioact 19 августа 2015 12:30
I was unaware being insanely hot made you a prostitute.

Написал: kekeebur 4 сентября 2015 18:28
love the vocals, somehow her voice reminds me of what banshee would sound if she existed :D

Написал: sc0rpiox 8 сентября 2015 22:47
this is Metal

Написал: metalnot 27 сентября 2015 11:01
HUNTRESS's debut album, "Spell Eater", will be released on April 27 via Napalm Records.?

Написал: devin 28 сентября 2015 05:11
I like the sound. Good music from what I heard.

Написал: sabinler 3 октября 2015 17:56
And they have been around since the dawn of metal. Every new band is the death of the genre, one would be lead to believe.

Написал: mnmmoose 15 октября 2015 01:43
I'm digging the guitars and drumming is decent. I also like the way her vocal style compliments the the music. Lets wait to see if their guitarists can keep up this work in upcoming albums.

Написал: mnmmoose 3 ноября 2015 07:24
her physical features remeind me of iJustine

Написал: eightofs 5 ноября 2015 22:01
Check out the band 'Eight of Swords' Listen to the song called ' Bow to the Leper'

Написал: jakethes 7 ноября 2015 17:30
I never really said anything about this band. To be honest, I agree with you about them trying to sell sex appeal over music, but I'm just letting you know there's better stuff around nowadays

Написал: vienreic 8 ноября 2015 09:11
I don't get it.. you mean to say that since there's alot of shit out there, this is ok ? If it wasn't for the "masturbate to my boobs and buy the album" philosophy in this band, I'd have no criticism. I mean, I love Red-Light-District and whores, but not in music.

Написал: jakethes 12 ноября 2015 11:47
I like these "what metal has come to" comments I've been seeing lately by people, they're pretty funny. Look around, there's a lot more than this out there if this isn't your preferred style.

Написал: durotan1 15 ноября 2015 14:35

Написал: arcterio 23 ноября 2015 02:31
I find this easy to masturbate to.

Написал: vienreic 23 ноября 2015 15:27
So this is what Metal has come to ? A prostitute singer showing her fake boobs in every god damn picture, with conservative musicians playing bullshit from the 80's ? "A legend is born" pfff.. Shameful

Написал: owen 4 декабря 2015 11:54
I saw them live at Paganfest. I'm interested in buying the album.

Написал: norghul 29 декабря 2015 18:33
Nice. I Like strong female voices. If album will be available in Poland, I buy it. m/

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