BULLET - Storm Of Blades - Track By Track Part I (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

BULLET's Track By Track for the album 'STORM OF BLADES'.Ge the new album here: ORDER HERE: SUBSCRIBE to Nuclear Blast YouTube: SUBSCRIBE to Bullet YouTube: ORDER 'STORM OF BLADES' HERE:Nuclear Blast Records: Amazon MP3: iTunes: Google play: FOLLOW BULLET:Like: Watch: Follow:

Написал: thepupil 15 сентября 2015 07:49
"OMG I sucked off the lead guitarist of Bullet" Who? "You know...That band that Bullet?" Oh, yeah. That dude that from the Slap-Chop infomercial? "No, Bullet...That bad ass band from the 80's!" "Bitch, they're burnouts from 2014, you didn't suck off no celebrity!" Bullet my ass! Wow...that should be the next album title... Bullet My Ass! ^m^?

Написал: kingtate 8 декабря 2015 15:00
Cool band. Granted I've only heard the title cut of this album, but I liked it.?

Написал: loutiscr 9 декабря 2015 04:50
The title of the video is wrong, Iron Maiden are playing.. or not??

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