Westlife - The Greatest Hits Tour 2003 (LIVE @ MEN Arena Manchester) (FULL) - Продолжительность: 1:28:16

VERY IMPORTANT: I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS FOR THIS VIDEO OR CLAIM ANY!!! ALL RIGHTS TO SONY BMG AND SYCO. ALSO THE ENDING PART - Hey Whatever - Sound recording administered by SME. Westlife Performing The Greatest Hits Tour 2003 (LIVE @ MEN Arena Manchester).It brings back a lot of memories. This was my first ever Westlife concert (on TV, of course - Christmas 2004); also the year I started listening to Westlife and the year they became a quartet. The year of "Allow us to be Frank" and soon after, the new chapter of the Westlife story - evolving from the teen pop boy band to the adult contemporary men band. It's been 8 amazing years, all because of Westlife. I thought this would cheer all the Westlife fans around the world. A warm "Hello" to all of you out there!Also I have not downloaded this concert from another YouTube Channel, I've had it on my computer since 2005 and I thought it's about time to upload it on my channel.Feel free to comment, like, subscribe or add me as your friend!Enjoy!Setlist:1. "When You're Looking Like That"2. "If I Let You Go"3. "Tonight"4. "Flying Without Wings"5. "My Love"6. "Bop Bop Baby"7. "Queen of My Heart"8. "To Be with You"9. Medley: 9.1. "I Get Around"9.2. "Do You Love Me"9.3. "Twist and Shout"9.4. "Great Balls of Fire"9.5. "Kiss"10. "Fool Again"11. "Swear It Again"12. "Written In The Stars"13. "Unbreakable"14. "Uptown Girl"15. "What Makes a Man"16. "World Of Our Own"!!! FAIR USE !!!"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."This is purely for entertainment and sharing purposes.

Написал: king 14 января 2016 22:23
This is just amazing, I miss them so much they are my favorite boy band forever. Actually I repented of not going their last live also can be my first live, I missed that.Really hope they will have reunion live.?

Написал: cat 14 января 2016 22:57

Написал: romiii 15 января 2016 01:06
Les comparto este video del concierto de mi grupo favorito, Amo al grupo WESTLIFE y sus canciones!!?

Написал: mikaella 15 января 2016 03:31
Seriously, im crying while watching this. I miss them so much. I love them since 1998 and i was like 12 years old that time and now im 28 and i still love them. Huhu.?

Написал: rafael 15 января 2016 03:55
Place come back?

Написал: rafael 15 января 2016 04:22

Написал: tanaiyan 15 января 2016 13:29
so happy when see them...can't stop to see.....Miss you westlife ...Shane ...Brian...Kian....Nicky ...and Mike ..I LOVE YOU ALL....?

Написал: amellia 15 января 2016 13:41
Miss them so much!!?

Написал: gefred 15 января 2016 13:43
Mark always out of tune,he is not good in live..Shane is the best among of them.?

Написал: nur 15 января 2016 13:44
watching this in November 2014 and still love it! ^^?

Написал: michelle 15 января 2016 15:08
Amazing WESTLIFE!!

Написал: cherry 15 января 2016 16:11
the best boy band ever! love their songs! great music and cool...very pleasing to my ears! the voicing is great! not to mention, theyre all gorgeous! im a fan! WESTLIFE forever! love you guys! God bless!?

Написал: keitumet 15 января 2016 16:44
I love Westlife very much. ?

Написал: tanaiyan 15 января 2016 17:30
i love you all westlife ...?

Написал: skye 15 января 2016 18:54

Написал: biamour8 15 января 2016 18:56
already a fan of them when i was 12, now im 26. up to now i cant decide who among them is my favorite. all are just equally hot and gorgeous and talented. urrgghhhhh?

Написал: ronaldin 15 января 2016 21:01
Can anybody tell me something about the son "Kiss" ??? I don't know it! Please!?

Написал: nguy-n 15 января 2016 21:06
i'd like watching Kain with his Guita.?

Написал: fitri 15 января 2016 21:33
really best of the best boy band ever ... when they sing i love their's performing not lipsinc.. and still really good voice's.. i love youuuuuuuuuu westlife.. still best song ever to me?

Написал: mary 15 января 2016 21:33
nice hat Bryan.?

Написал: kelly 15 января 2016 22:39
What a load of shite?

Написал: pc 15 января 2016 23:30

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