This Is The Blues [ 2 ] ~ 1976

Modern Electric Chicago Blues 1976Enjoy , my friends !!!Track ListJimmy Dawkins ~ Welfare Line 00:00Luther ''Georgia Snake Boy'' Johnson ~ Lonesome In My Bedroom 09:21Son Seals ~ Going Back Home 16:40McKinley Mitchell ~ Trouble Blues 23:51Magic Slim & The Teardrops ~ Born Down The Bridge 27:22Big Voice Odom & Jimmy Dawkins ~ The Thrill Is Gone 33:47George ''Wild Child'' Butler ~ Love Like A Butterfly 39:33Hip Linkchain ~ I'm On My Way 45:24Phillip Walker ~ Trouble In My Home 50:44John Lee Hooker ~ Black Night Is Falling 53:38*Disclaimer: All audio & visual parts in my videos are the sole property of their respective owners. The videos are purely for entertainment and recreational purposes. No Copyright infringement intended!All rights go to their rightful owners.I do not own the rights of the music.For your information, if a band or an artist wishes one or some of the songs/videos to be removed from my channel's upload list, it is advisable to come into contact with me by sending a personal message and I will delete it or them as soon as possible.. This Is The Blues [ 2 ] ~ 1976

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