Отвечать головой - W5D5 - Common Russian Phrases - Russian vocabulary lesson – learn Russian

Learn Russian for travelling to Russia or living in Russia. Kris and Olya will teach you modern Russian phrases, useful Russian words and other aspects of the language in their daily online Russian lessons. Check out their website for more information: This Russian Vocabulary lesson targets pre-intermediate students and higher level students. It is not a Russian for beginners lesson, but even if you are here just to learn some basic Russian phrases it will still be useful for you, since people use these Russian phrases often in their everyday lives.Russian WORDS/Russian PHRASES/ Russian VOCABULARY in this video:Отвечать головойto bear full responsibility for s.o. or sth. and be the one to receive harsh punishment (sometimes even death) should s.o. or sth. fail (may be used as a threat)We hope these common Russian phrases will help you learn Russian and we wish you the best of luck with your studies of the Russian language and Russian vocabulary especially. If you have any questions we will be happy to help you and answer them in the comments down below. Just to get the conversation started here, we would like to ask you: What are your favorite modern Russian phrases? Or if you don’t know a lot of modern ones yet, then write us what your favorite common Russian words are. We are looking forward to talking to you in the comment section down below!Don't forget to subscribe for more FREE RUSSIAN VIDEO LESSONS Check out these videos for more interesting information:7 things you should NEVER do in Russia – 7 words you have to know before you come to Russia – 10 Russian words that people often shorten in speech – Cases made easy - A simple explanation of Russian noun cases – 7 cities in Russia that you should know – BEWARE while teaching in Russia - You can also find us and follow us on Facebook:. Отвечать головой - W5D5 - Common Russian Phrases - Russian vocabulary lesson – learn Russian

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